Project Life Blog!


Hi Everyone,

Just letting you all know this is where I am moving my blog to. I thought I needed a fresh start.

As you know I have started my Project Life 13/14 and I think this is the way for me to scrap with everything going on in my life at the moment 🙂 I will still be doing some layout too so I can have a play and do some challenges when I have time.

As you know I have just started this so bear with me as I get my new blog up and running 🙂 I will still be doing all my normal blog stuff here too, but with more of a focus on ‘Our Daily Life Captured” 🙂

As a lot of you know I love taking photos of those everyday moments we sometimes miss and this is my style of scrapping I think.  I always have my phone or camera with me so I don’t miss  a photo opportunity!

I hope to catch up on lots of things I haven’t had time to scrap about so far this year 🙂 Thank you to all the girls who have encouraged me, and given me inspiration to go this way with my scrapping xx

I hope I might inspire some of you too 🙂

Happy Scrapping  x


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