“DIY Journal cards!”

I have been looking at all the yummy Project Life Albums on-line and admiring some of the lovely journal cards on pages 🙂 I have decided to get a core kit from  http://www.kerryscraftycardsandcuts.com.au/store/   for when I am time poor. I also felt I could make some too, so have been having a play today, and using my stash of stamps and washi tape. I came up with these!

001I used some pink Kaszazz card-stock for these and I stamped on the smooth side so I can journal on them later 🙂 I had fun with some stamps, washi tape and punches 🙂

002    Of, course I had to do some blue ones, as I am always scrapping boys! lol!

???????????????????????????????          I did these too so I can add them in with my core Kit when I get it. 🙂  I made some in mind of some photos of cards and our holiday 🙂 I think I will be making plenty of these in my journey 🙂

I would love to see some of your ideas too if you have made any 🙂

Happy Scrapping x


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