“A Little Tutorial – WRMK Photo/Card Punch!”

I haven’t done a tutorial for anything lately and as I have a new toy I thought I would share how it works with you 🙂

This is my We Are Memory Keepers (WRMK) 3×4 photo punch that I bought from http://www.kerryscraftycardsandcuts.com.au/store/ It punches pp, card stock and photos in a great size to make my PL scraping even quicker 🙂

I thought some of you might like to see how it works 🙂

???????????????????????????????                This is how it comes. The front lever releases it to use. It will pop up!

???????????????????????????????                       You can see the top and bottom components of it here 🙂 You just take the top off 🙂

???????????????????????????????                                 You place your paper or photo on the top

???????????????????????????????                   Then place the top piece on and it will connect together. You can see through the window how your pic will look as the it the size it cuts 🙂

???????????????????????????????To cut you press down with your hands with good pressure and you will hear it cut. I use both hands over it and it works great and isn’t hard to push down 🙂

???????????????????????????????You then just take the top piece off, or you can open the little window to take out what you have cropped. I find it easier to take it apart.

???????????????????????????????This is the punched piece of now 3×4 pp and this punch has rounded corners. You can get one without if that is your preference.

???????????????????????????????I cut a couple of photos too and it cut them easy. As you can see you can line up you photo before you cut it 🙂

???????????????????????????????As you can see the punch does a great job and I am so happy with it. Besides my Sizzix Big Shot, this would be one of the best tools I have bought and it will b used to death.

Here is a You Tube Video Tutorial link also if you are interested http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZRCWDkzfTI

I hope my little tutorial might be helpful to some of you out there. Let me know if you have one and how you use it!

Happy Scrapping x


One thought on ““A Little Tutorial – WRMK Photo/Card Punch!”

  1. It looks awesome but yea I think I’m a square 3×4 photo person LOL
    I’ll see when I start my album what I find is easier, print them that size on need the punch, knowing my luck probably the punch or dies!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing Hunny Xx

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