“Simplify” -“Doing PL My Way!”

I have still been following my ‘One little Word’ this year even though I haven’t had a lot of time to document it.  I don’t think I had in mind studying when I started it 🙂 Part of this journey was for me to Simplify my scrap booking process, and I think I am slowly getting there with this system 🙂

I was not sure how to start my PL journey, but as I have been playing I have realized it doesn’t matter if I don’t scrap in order. I don’t think I ever have anyway. If I have photos from other years I will just put them together in another album 🙂

It is important to scrap our ‘Fur Family’ as they are a big part of our lives. These photos of Sam and Trishka were taken earlier in the year, but I have put a few different ones together to make these pages. I did this with the pup ones too 🙂

???????????????????????????????Trishka has been with us 9 months now, and it was nice to get some photos of her in an album 🙂 She has come along way after losing her leg and she is now very at home with us.

???????????????????????????????Sam is now 9 years old and we have had lots of stories to tell about him. I have been doing a few layouts of him, but to get all these photos on one page is a bonus 🙂

It is great to focus on the photos and the stories, but I still like to have a play so I might create a layout this week 🙂

Happy Scrapping x


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