“Re-think On My Stamp Storage!”

If you know me, then you know I love my stamps and I have a lot 🙂  I use them all the time in my scrap booking, art journaling and smash booking At the moment, I prob have most of them in dvd cases, in towers, but they are taking up a lot of room which I haven’t got and I have been thinking about how I can make them more accessible for me and take up less space 🙂   I have some in the lounge and some in my scrap area and it is not working 🙂 So….. I jumped on-line for some ideas and found this great video on Pinterest

I was going to get the laminating done by our local copy place but at $1.50 a sheet it was so much cheaper to buy myself a A4 laminating machine and pouches & do it myself 🙂

I have to work tonite, so tomorrow I think I will be getting them sorted out over the weekend 🙂  I had a couple of spare binders here, and I just used plain copy paper to stamp the images on. I measured where the holes will be then put into the paper into the pouch & through the machine.

???????????????????????????????                     This is the front of the page, stamped and laminated.

???????????????????????????????Then I attached the stamps on the back as they have cling -mount on them and they take up so much less space than the dvd covers 🙂 This will also work for all my clear mount stamps as well. It has worked out perfectly and I will separate them by theme eg; grunge, alphabets, flowers, nature etc. They will be so much easier to get to and then I will use them a lot more. Stay tuned as I will have a few cases to sell off if anyone is interested 🙂

Happy Scraping x


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