“Build a Page!”

What is a Build A Page I hear you ask?  Well, it is lots of fun and I am a member @ http://homeandscrapped.ning.com/ where each month we do one.

We all add our name to Heather’s list and pick a day that suits us to do our scrapbook step working towards building our “one of a kind” page. 🙂

The first lady starts and adds her step and a photo of it to the forum, then the next etc until we have completed out page over the 7 days 🙂 It is heaps of fun and the only way sometimes I get a layout finished 🙂

???????????????????????????????         My step was to add a journaling card to the right of the photo 🙂

This is a photo of Sam who loves coming up to me and patting me on the face with his paw; I have no idea how I got this photo of him 🙂 If you would like to join in and do some of our great monthly challenges, just pop over, sign up and join in 🙂

Happy Scrapping x


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