“Early Smashing!”

I have been Smash Booking and didn’t actually realise I was doing it!! I buy scrap booking magazines and in the New Year I go through them, cut out layouts, techniques, tips, sketches and ideas and paste them into A4 spiral bound books 🙂       This apparently is ‘smashing’ 🙂

I am in a lovely group on Face Book called ‘Smash A Holics’ and a few of the girls asked me to share a few more of my pages. So instead of cluttering up the feed, I thought it would be easier to link them here 🙂

???????????????????????????????                                      Technique pages~

???????????????????????????????                                     Technique pages!

???????????????????????????????                               Single Layout Male themed layout ideas!

???????????????????????????????                                  Single Layout Female layout ideas!

???????????????????????????????                                   I printed these sketches of blogs!

016                                More girly layout ideas!

???????????????????????????????                                 Double layout ideas and sketches!

I also used to have one for cards and off the page projects, but I am not so into that at the moment 🙂

I hope you get some ideas about keeping inspiration books, or ‘smashing! 🙂 If you click on the photos they will enlarge for you 🙂

Happy smashing x


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