“Merry Xmas And Happy NY!”

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to all my family, friends and followers of my blog. Thank you for popping over and leaving me comments, and taking the time to look and my bits and pieces I share here with you!

I am not making any NY resolutions again this yr as life happens and you can’t always stick to them!  I worked successfully on my OLW ( Simplify) this year and hope to pick another word for next year and work on that one too!

I am hoping to do lots of scrapping, project life, smashing and art journaling throughout 2014. 🙂 Will see what happens 🙂  I will be finished my Cert 4 in February and then hope to get more work 🙂

I am planning on trying very hard to use my stash of scrappy stuff and not buy too much! lol!  Not sure how that will go hehehe!

All up we have had a pretty good 2013, and I wonder what 2014 will bring us 🙂

Have a wonderful time with your family and stay safe over the break!

See you in 2014 xx

Love and hugz

Kerri xx


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