“2014 Memory Jar!”

Today I started a memory jar!

Each day I/we are going to write something good about our day; could be an event, a thought, anything. Then on NY eve this year I am going to empty the jar and read about our memories of the year. I will then scrapbook about it or put in to my Project Life Album!

I am hoping this will help me with my journaling for my scrap booking and also I will have a record of some things that I may have forgotten about to document 🙂

memory jarI found a jar in the cupboard and just prettied up a manilla tag and tied it on with some twine 🙂 I might have to find a bigger jar, will see how I go!

Hope maybe you might have a go and do a jar of memories too 🙂

Happy scrapping x


4 thoughts on ““2014 Memory Jar!”

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