“Catching up on 365!”

Today is the first day of Autumn here is Australia, my favourite month as the days are sunny and the nights are cooler. I think we are getting a couple of warm days this week, but not the 40 degrees we have had over the last few months! I know I should have been out in my garden today, but that is tomorrows job!Β  I wanted to print and scrap the rest of Febs daily pics and now I am up to date πŸ™‚ I have had a few day shifts this week, which after nights mucks the body clock up a bit, but will have to get used to it as have a mixture of hours this next fortnight πŸ™‚

JJ is feeling much better after 4 weeks off school with a viral infection and finally given antibiotics, after blood tests showed a virus, and they have made a big difference. Now he has to catch up with his subjects, but with a few free periods at school he willΒ  πŸ™‚

???????????????????????????????These aren’t probably really interesting for all of you to see and read, but for me they are our daily life.Β  Continue reading if you dare πŸ™‚

8th – Cody came over for dinner and the pups go mad when they see him.

9th- My new Art Jornaling books came from Book Depository πŸ™‚

10th- Nitro making himself comfortable on me, as he usually does.

11th- My KA Unit made by Colin Cadd,Β  all set up and tidied!

12th- Trishka watching me use my Selphy and trying to grab the photo as it was going in and out!

13th- Blue washi tape was the order of this photo

14th- Valentine’s Day and I just drew a heart πŸ™‚ Not much romance here lol!

???????????????????????????????15th- I am reading the Notebook, as I have seen the movie. Such a lovely story πŸ™‚

16th- JJ and I have been watching Major Crimes on dvd. It is the follow on from The Closer, which my boys and I watched all of the Seasons together πŸ™‚

17th- I used my bird clock to feature the time of the day I took this pic.

18th- The first yummy nectarines that I picked of our massive tree in our back yard. It will have to be pruned in June πŸ™‚

19th- One of my many jobs for my client as a PCA is to do things around the home that she can’t do πŸ™‚ I hate ironing, but not when I know I am helping keep my client in her home πŸ™‚

20th- This kitty kept sitting on my laptop! grrr!

21st- Alison and I went to the Paper and Craft Show in Melbourne at the Exhibition Building. It was a great day πŸ™‚

22nd- Some new scrap storage jars I bought for some of my small embellies, like buttons etc.

23rd- A couple of ATC’s I finished for some swaps.

24th- My Summer sandals.

25th- My bathroom cabinet under the basin. Not the tidiest, but better than it was lol!

26th- Nitro misses me when I do a few sleep overs and he wasnt letting me go anywhere πŸ™‚

27th- Something I was going to eat. I love Royal Gala apples.

28th- Last day of Summer, I made this yummy ice-cream for dessert πŸ™‚

How are you going with your Project 365, would love to know!

Happy Scrapping x



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