“Just For Fun Scrapping!”

I have been having a scrap in between work and life this week! I think this is what I need to do. Not set aside time during the week, but just make a mess and play when I can!  I am finding this fun, even though I have a ‘little’ mess on my desk lol!!  I have created two layouts in the last two days and that is pretty good considering I haven’t achieved much lately!!

A lovely lady that I know; Renee Iverson, who is a remarkable scrapper and DT herself. thinks my scrapping is lovely and she has encouraged me too submit some of my work to Scrapbook Creations Magazine 🙂 Thank you Renee for your encouragement and for pushing me to do this 🙂 x

  • ???????????????????????????????This one is a layout about my son Cody and my niece Crystal who both turned 21 last year. They were born six weeks apart as Cj was 8 weeks early!  These photos we took when visiting mum and dad for his birthday, about this time last year.  I wanted it to have a warm feeling about it and keep to those tones.  The orange background was a little bright so to fix this I just used some white paint to tone it down. I layered some pp, a bit of distressing, stamping, a few embellies and that was enough I felt. The little blue flowers are the ones I was making with my moulds and I coloured them with an ink marker.
  • trishkaThis fur ball is Trishka and she gets into lots of mischief. I really miss Sam and in some ways she is like him 🙂 She has decided that sitting where ever she can to annoy me is fun and going in and out a million times a day is fun too 🙂 I haven’t used a sketch or a challenge for either of these layouts. I just started and decided to see where it would take me 🙂 I made some background paper, added some texture and a few embellies for this page. I don’t spend a lot of time on my layouts as I feel this is unproductive and the idea is of course to get photos scrapped!!!!
  • A few of you have seen my work on FB and have said that my style has evolved. Looking back I think you are right and I am ‘developing’ a style. I never really thought I had one 🙂

How are you going with your scrapping journey?

Happy Scrapping x


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