“A Girls Perogative!”

They say It’s a girls prerogative to change her mind right!! Well, sometimes I think I use it to the limit!  I have been pondering the way I am making my ‘happy stuff’ book and how I am scrap booking in general!! Yep, as usual over thinking things!!!

I am not sure if it is my creativeness wanting to come out, or I need to do something different from just scrap 12 x 12 album pages for my family!  Don’t get me wrong they are fantastic but storing them is my main problem, and I have quite a few as it is!

Making this altered book has had me thinking and I have decided not to scrap 12×12 anymore and to make my own SCRAP books and do them how I want to. It probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I need to do what is right for me. If it gets photos scraped and helps with my lack of mojo than so be it 🙂

On my book shelf I had three books that are approximately 8 x 10.5 inches and these are perfect for what I want to do with them. I have not used them in months and they are just sitting there collecting dust. I hope you book lovers aren’t too horrified with me. I am not destroying them, I am actually giving them new life 🙂  I will be able to scrap lots of photos in them thus re-using them and cutting down on albums. Also I will be using some of the pages I have taken out and using my paper stash, so that is a great bonus. Well, that is my plan and I am sticking to it 🙂


This gives you an idea of how I am making my scrap books 🙂 The lady here uses binder mechanisms but I am thinking book rings or ribbons etc? There are also other ways to bind them.

This December Daily album uses rings to show you what I mean!


I want to be able to add to it as I go and not be limited by sticking the pages  in permanently. Today I dismantled the pages from the covers and put gesso over them to seal them as they were shiny.

002-001Below is the book with the pages taken out carefully away from the spine so it is still intact.

004-001           I will most likely cover these with pp also so they look finished!

You are probably thinking, why didn’t I just buy some pre-made albums? Well that is not me being creative, or using what I already have, which is what I am trying to do this year 🙂 Plus these are the right size for me and will be great to store 🙂

I am looking forward now to getting them finished and start to create in them.  I have so much scrap stash and photos to use I don’t think it will be too hard 🙂  There are lots of ideas, tips and techniques out there to do this and I hope I may have inspired you to look at your scrap booking differently! I would love to see any altered books or projects you are doing! Please let me know and I will hop on over to your blogs and have a peek 🙂

Happy Scraping xx











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