“Size Doesn’t Matter!!”

That is exactly what I think in reference to the size of scrap booking pages you create!! hehehe!!

I have decided with much procrastination, that I want to scrap 8.5×11 now and not 12×12. It has been a bit of a dilemma and I have been giving this a lot of thought. I have always enjoyed the smaller size and decided I want to do more of this size layout.  I think the only reason I stopped scrapping this size is there didn’t seem to be not a lot of other scrapers that use this size and I think I felt weird not doing 12×12.   I found by searching the web there are more of these scrapers than I realised and they are doing their own thing….  So, not any more, I am scrapping for me and hang the trends, I am over it!!!!

There is mainly two reasons for me scrapping this way now and they are:

1.  I haven’t as much time as I used to working split shifts and I get very tired. A 12×12 layout is daunting at times for me. There is still plenty of room for me to play and with my Selphy printer I can use smaller photos and still tell my story!

2. It has its benefits too that I am not having to fill in a lot of space and it is more budget friendly which has to be a good thing also. I have a good stash of supplies and I don’t need to purchase anything else except a few albums and yes, they are cheaper too 🙂

albumsYou can see the difference in the size of the albums and less storage space is needed and they are easier to handle than the big ones!

Now I have my Ebosser out of its box, and set up I will be able to use it a lot too in my scrapping. I have gone through my scrap supplies over the last two days and had a good think about what I want to keep and toss! I have my space set up the way I want it to make me more productive and I am going to enjoy my scrapping again!

001-001I am currently going through my 12×12 card stock and pp and cutting them down to 8.5×11. The left overs are going to be great to use in my die cutting machine and to punch borders from 🙂

003-005The storage of my card stock and pp will be easier too, as I am using some vertical magazine holders and they take up less space. I scrap by colour so this is how I am sorting it and it is good to take stock of supplies you have! I don’t think I will be buying much for a while 🙂 I want to make a good dent in this stash of mine!!

I know this wouldn’t work for everyone and I am not saying scrap this size,  as a lot of you like the square format and that is fine 🙂 If your budget is stopping you from preserving your memories than this might be the way to.

Here are a few  blogs I found that have a lot of 8.5×11 size layouts and sketches! You can even use card sketches for inspiration as these are the shape of a 8.5×11 page!







Hope they give you a few ideas! There are heaps more, you just need to look 🙂

Do what is right for you and enjoy your craft as I am going to do!

Happy Scrapping x









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