“My Art Space!”

I had a bit of a mess on my desk today after scrapping during the week and thought I had better clean it up! I think I had a ‘light bulb’ moment and thought I would make better use of my ‘bargain’ change table I found a few months ago. I had also been looking for ideas on Pinterest too to make better use of it 🙂

005-004I took the front rail of it so it now looks like a bench, and its easy to access. As I always make such a mess with my sprays and inks etc and it ends up everywhere I thought it would be great to have one place to make a mess. It is great also, as I tend to stand when I am stamping etc, and it is at my height!

004-004As you can see, I have contained my mists, stains, inks etc together so they are easy to see and I have the paper towel, baby wipes etc in reach.

009On the top I have put my mat and non stick craft sheet down, with a jug with all my brushes etc in it and a tin with my gesso, paints, water brushes, gel medium etc which I use quite a lot. I took me a couple of hours to get this all sorted, but I am really glad I did. As a bonus, through sorting some stuff out I found some pp and cs I had forgotten about!

Now, I will have heaps of fun making a mess when I am scrapping 🙂

Happy Scrapping x




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