“Everything In It’s Place!”

Once you start scrap booking your supplies quickly grow and your storage needs change.  Storage can be pricey but my options are always budget friendly or D I Y.

I am a bit of a storage nut and I like to have things that work for me in my scrap space. I am trying to get as many as my scrap supplies out so I can see and use them. I use storage that prob is meant for your pantry, but as a scrap booker you would know we can make anything work lol!

Jars are a great idea and I have a few smaller ones with brads, clips, etc in them, but needed something bigger to get more stash out so I can use it.

These are a great size to sit along my desk and I can see what I have and get it on to pages.

002-003I purchased 5 to start with, but you could re-use large coffee jars etc.  As I don’t drink much coffee my solution was the cheap shop. I wasn’t sure how many would go along my desk space, but I can prob get another 4 on. The first one has all my small punches that get lost in the box, one so all my buttons are together, the next one is lace as I forgot some of the lovely ones I have, some washi tape nice and handy and white flowers which I love as I can colour them to suit my projects. I try to buy them all the same as they seem to look nicer, but that doesn’t matter as long as they do the job.

005-005                       This is just a bit of a close up so you get the idea 🙂 My shoe boxes are great and I have them sorted by colour but I still have to pull stuff out, rummage through them and waste time. You don’t have to label the jars as you can see them 🙂

008I think these would be great in the pantry for sugar, flour etc, but these huge ones which sit on top of my book-case, hold my roller stamps, foam stamps, larger supplies etc. I think these need a bit of a cull and tidy up too.

glitterI found this on Pinterest and I love this idea for storing glitter and making it easier to use without the mess.

enhanced-buzz-15311-1341944483-1This is another cool idea I found there too. These are Mason Jars hot glued together.

Another bonus is they look good too. A girl needs a bit of pretty!! 🙂

I hope I have given you a few ideas for your space?

Happy Scrapping x


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