“I Love These Days!”

I used this title for my layout of a beautiful Autumn Day here in May. I was outside at Mercy with mum and dad enjoying the sun and I took a couple of pics of the gorgeous tree there and the sun shining through it. I love Autumn; cool nights and warmish days and this year was very mild in the South East of Victoria, Australia.

003I decided to use this photo for a Recipe Challenge at Home and Scrapped and I had to use a list of ingredients Heather posted in the group on my layout.

Here is the recipe:

1 photo -(my dimensional photo)

4 small pieces of paper – (banner at the top)

1 piece of journaling paper/card – (quote on the right)

2 strips of paper/washi/ribbon – (Date on the bottom left)

a thimble full of glimmer mist/glitter/ink or paint -(Paint and ink)

a sprinkle of punched shapes – (Leaves falling down page)

a dash of bling – (Silver Painted Leaves on background)

1 medium-sized embellishment group – (Leaves on bottom right of photo)

1 title in two sizes of lettering – (Left hand side)


Well now… all cooks have their own way of doing things, but you will need a good sheet of card stock as a base before you begin, then just let it all come together with a bit of a whisk and gentle stirring. Roll out carefully, allow to stand for a day or a month, whichever suits you best, bake until crisp and serve hot in the correct album for all to share 🙂

008        Bit of a close up of my leaves, creating my embellishment group 🙂

I am very pleased with my layout and managing to sneak this one in by the end of the month 🙂

Happy Scrapping x



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