“Scrap De-stash!”

As I have sorted out all my stamps, inks etc into my Rasgok I thought I would do a bit more sorting and purging of my scrap stash. If you are like me you ‘collect’ things, and don’t end up using them. This might be due to the fact that it isn’t trendy any more or like me my scrapping style has changed.

I found quite a few things that had been sitting in boxes for ages and I decided to ‘let go’ of them and donate them to my nieces after hour’s school care group. I am glad that the kids will have lots of fun making things out of my unwanted goodies 🙂

I now have less containers with useless stuff in them everywhere, I know now where things are that I couldn’t find which frustrates me to no end and wastes my precious scrapping time and I found a few things that I now have out and will use. So it has been ‘win win’ really 🙂

010My scrap space is in our dining room and this pic I took from the kitchen. I have managed to get both my shelf units on my big corner desk and I can use the wooden one which now has given me more creating space. My Raskog right next to me and my Ebosser set up near the window ready to use also. 🙂

013I really wanted to make better use of this large table and decided to use it for storage. I have alot of my punches now on the white unit, but still a bit of room for some other goodies also.  My other bookcase now has my card stock, my 6×6 papers on the bottom and other things like my washi tape etc that I use heaps.  Underneath I am able to store my draws, a paper holder and my set of three drawers 🙂 To the left of this table in front of the window I have my Ebosser set up on a kitchen trolley also so I can move it if I want 🙂

014Using this table now is much better as it has heaps of room and I have my Canon Selphy on the left for printing my photos and my tool tray with my most used goodies like my ATG gun, scissors etc. I have my SU cutter, my cordless light and self-healing mat 🙂  I have embellishments in one of the holders on the wall and I am sorting out some more to use in the other. 🙂

My Raskog is on the right next to my desk and room for another next to it. I can move them around as I am using them and I have freed up a heap of space for myself. My little white desk is behind me and it will have my Colcraft Paper storage unit back on it when I move my ink sprays etc onto my next cart later in the week 🙂

Hope I might have inspired you to have look through your stash and see what you might be able to donate or organize better so you are more productive.

Happy Scrapping x





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