“Sept Sketch Challenge!”

Hi everyone, what a mixed up week I am having.

Monday I had a little mishap and had a fall. Thought I was ok but got worse. Doc today, some anti inflams, an x-ray Mon as a precaution and off work till next Wed till I see my doc again on Tuesday. On top of this I was recalled for another Breast Screen and Ultrasound on Wed. A bit more drama to add to my week but happy to say all is well 🙂 I can’t do alot so my walking is out the door this week and a few other things I had planned, but oh well will be there next week 🙂

I am a bit bored as usually this is my busy week at work, so to occupy myself today I thought I would have a scrap and create a page for the Sketch over at Home and Scrapped on FB 🙂

I found this one of mum from a few years ago and I love it, as she is in her flower garden which was her heaven. I know she misses it heaps and I love taking her out into the garden at Mercy and I always take her heaps of roses from my garden though the season 🙂

SketchThis is Heather’s lovely sketch in a 12×12 format. I just changed mine to suit my scraping style and I used one photo instead of three. Sketches are a great way to get inspiration for your work and you can adapt them anyway you like 🙂

005As you can see I created my 8.5×11 layout using her design, but my style. I used the sketch as my base and added to it.

There is lots of inspiration on the web for you to try different sketches and I get lost on http://www.pinterest.com/

Happy Scrapping x



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