“A New Lease On Life!”

Morning everyone and Happy Monday!

I have been up and about early for work this morning and not much sleep as my head was going around and around working out a project/adventure I have coming up soon. Stay Tuned!!! 🙂

Over the weekend I have been straightening up my scrap space and I now have most of it situated in the lounge room corner. I have left my huge table in the dining room with some other bits and pieces on it and to use to make a mess with my paint, inks etc.

I have one great bench for my scrap space, which has two cupboards and shelves.  As the other one I wanted to match was unavailable, I decided to give an old piece of furniture a new lease on life and re-purpose it in my scrap space.  I could have repainted it etc, but I liked its charm the way it was. It had a few scratches on one side but didn’t matter as they can’t be seen.

011-002   This great shelf unit on the left used to be a bar and I have cleaned it up and converted the shelf space for my scrap booking supplies. It is a fair age, but it is very strong and still in great shape.  The drawers I have lined with some scrapbook paper. I have my 6×6 papers, ribbons in the jars, embellishments in baskets and PL on the bottom right. Opposite you can see my Raskog cart all loaded up and ready to go!

003-005This is looking into our lounge room from the kitchen and I have a great position in front of the huge windows and it gets heaps of natural light.  I have my other bench in front to work on and not cluttered with tools etc. I just have my magnetic mat, other cutting mat and cordless light. By keeping my bench clear, I am hoping I will want to create more!

006As you can see I have put my trusty book shelf on top of the bar and it gives me extra storage, while using the wall space. I have gone up instead of out 🙂  In the tiered basket on the left I have heaps of my flowers out so I will use them, wall storage with goodies in them and my Raskog 🙂 The shelves have my card stock, masks, scrap papers, etc stored on it. My ribbon dress sits above and I can still access it easily!

005As you can see I have plenty of space for all my scrap supplies and by having my Raskog next to the bench with all my tools, stamps etc I think I will be more creative on my next project 😉  On the door handle on the other side I have one of the small hanging cups with my tape, scissors etc in it instead of on the bench 🙂  I think I have created a space for my creativity to bloom and all my bits and bobs are in easy reach and all organised. 🙂

Stay tuned for my next adventure!

Happy Scrapping  x



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